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Wiki for the adult Twine game Adam and Gaia.

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"There once was a time - where everything was different.”

A time, where all the races and creatures of the world lived and mixed, in tranquil peace, under the great tree of Gaia. Its roots stretched out and created forest, field, and plain, where its children settled. All with their own place and ways.

The most versatile of all the races, did not wait for nature to bestow its bounties on them, but claimed them by effort and with great art in manner of agriculture and building. Man, being in control of such secure access to provisions, achieved a vast increase in numbers, from every generation to the next.

Where the other races willingly lived and died, by the lack or plenty of the season, the sons of man never accepted the whims of Gaia and her nature. Should their numbers grow more than their supplies could handle - they would expand. Tilling and sowing ever more fields to feed the ever growing number of mankind.

Until there were no more fields to occupy.”

Impregnation and RPG focus[]

Adam and Gaia is a building-RPG game with heavy focus on impregnation.

By finding characters and monster-girls and breeding them, you should be able to transform an empty world into a thriving society of the children you wish.

The game is inspired by, and borrows content and code from, the two games Free Cities and Corruption of Champions.

In Adam and Gaia pictures for all events and characters is a core focus of the game.

Due to the heavy use of pictures many artist have not been linked to or even thanked properly. If you recognize a picture from an artist in game that isn't mentioned in the credits, please write and inform us so can learn of the names behind the artwork.

Bug reports and development

Adam and Gaia is maintained mainly on the f95zone thread, where the developer is most easily contacted.


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