Here follows a list of tips and tricks, and how to get started in the World of Gaia.

Experience and resources:

The Player Character gains experience from defeating monster-girls and becoming the father of children. This will at the threshold of one hundred allow him to choose a new perk as well as gaining more health.

The three main resources of the game is Wood, Stone, and Food. Where Wood and Stone are static and only decrease when spent on buildings, Food will rot after 12 weeks. Every child or tamed monster-girl the Player Character has will also require two Food to sustain themselves each week.

Getting started

The first thing to do, if not listening to the sphinx in the tower, should be heading out into the Field region and secure experience and a Matriarch to start reproduction. Food yielding monster-girls like bovines and humans placed as farmers gives the Food intake necessary to support other roles.

Puzzles and Riddle Answers