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Gaia's Blessings

Gaia's Blessings are a way for Gaia to grant the player special bonuses such as extra energy or experience.

"As the strength of her chosen one grows, the lonesome goddess finds herself ever more manifested in the new world. Increasingly able to give her blessings and boons to her worthy champion."

Strength of Gaia

"Energy gained to face the world with renewed vigor." - Gives you 12 extra energy for that day.

Wisdom of Gaia

"Experience gained by Gaia's knowledge." - Gives you 100 experience, which is a free level.

Bounty of Gaia

"Plentiful of resources unearthed to help rebuild the world." - give you 300 wood and 100 stone.

Harvest of Gaia

"A secure harvest and bountiful stock provided." - give you 100 food and 50 preserved food.

Radiance of Gaia

"The human girl you're with will see the divine in you." - Needs Testing