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Bovine cow-girls, or cow-morphs are creatures native to the Field region in the World of Gaia. Though generally peaceful when left alone, a startled cow-girl can prove a dangerous opponent due to her large size and force.

"Blessed with often gigantic udders the race can turn the green of the fields into the most nutritious of milk. This made them a close companion of man, resulting over time in their current quite humanoid appearance, apart from the horns, tails and the aforementioned."

Following the mythos theme of the Fields region, the bovine cow-girls are inspired by the ancient Greek mythology, in this case the Minotaur of the Cretan Labyrinth.

When tamed a bovine will produce five Food, while at the same time consuming two.

There are 48 different picture variants of the encounters and off-spring.

Possible and mythos related names to cow-girls include: "Bovidae", "Bovinae", "Catel", "Caput", "Chattel", "Feoh", "Fee", "Vieh", "Vee", "Faihu", "Fehu", "Cū", "Gwōus", "Gwowés", "Gâv", "Go", "Buwch", "Bos", "Paśu", "Dhenu", "Uks", "Aghnya", "Krishna", "Dharma", "Vedic", "Vipas", "Sutudri", "Atharva", "Devas", "Surabhi", "Vṛndāvana", "Harivamsha", "Govinda", "Sattva", "Ghee", "Puranas", "Prithvi", "Kamadhenu", "Purana", "Bhagavata", "Hathor", "Hesat", "Io", "Damona", "Boann", "Thrinacia", and "Auðumbla".