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Bunny-girls, or mouse-morphs are creatures native to the Field region in the World of Gaia. Totally peaceful, they fear yet follow most creatures and can harm and protect them.

"The area was full of the little bunny people, so we knew it was a good plot for farming, those timid creatures have a talent for finding the best soil."

Unlike the usual mythos theme of the Fields region, the bunny-girls are not inspired by the ancient Greek mythology.

When tamed, a bunny will produce five Food, while at the same time consuming two.

There are 24 different picture variants of the off-spring.

Possible and mythos related names to bunny-girls include: "Amethe", "Auryanne", "Amami", "Bokko", "Lago", "Lepori", "Leporidae", "Leporidae", "Leporidae", "Poela", "Sylvila", "Brachy", "Genera", "Nesola", "Romerola", "Tapeti", "Doe", "Doe", "Doe", "Kits", "Laga", "Centzon", "Totochtin", "Ometotchtli", "Mochi", "Shfanim", "Tteok", "Nanabozho", "Buno", "Annamite", "Mishaabooz", "Chi-waabooz", "Booz", "Oktokki", "Tsukiusagi", "Juktou", "Chibiusa", "Inlé", "Sumatra", "Yutu".