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Canines are creatures native to the Mountains region in the World of Gaia. A prime hunter, second only to humans. With thick fur perfect for the north; interbreeding has resulted in many humanoid features. The race has bristled hide, which blends into a soft fur.

"Is it a race or simply people who live in the mountains, communicating through barking-noises, while simply wearing the skins of wild animals they killed by hunting, I don't know son, but be careful in the North!"

Not following the mythos theme of the Mountains region, the Canines taken from different legends and myths of dog-headed people.

When tamed a canine will produce five Food, while eating two.

There are 24 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from famous hounds, include:

"Amarok", "Cerberus", "Fenrir", "Inugami", "Theow", "Tibicena", "Vargr", "Cabal", "Argos", "Dip", "Garmr", "Hecuba", "Laelaps", "Marea", "Qiqirn", "Suening", "Sirius", "Aralez", "Adlet", "Bulgae", "Cadejo", "Cavall", "Dabilla", "Failinis", "Freybug", "Gelert", "Gwyllgi", "Hunding", "Husdent", "Keelut", "Luison", "Orthrus", "Pesanta".