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Centaur horse-girls, or horse-morphs are creatures native to the Fields region in the World of Gaia. Though generally peaceful they can become overcome by their bestial side in uncultured fits, and thus become a dangerous and aggressive foe. Should never drink too much wine.

"Your happen upon a wild centaur with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse, living in the fields and forests. Most of them are excellent warriors, galloping around the grasslands with their powerful legs and loins, wielding swords and bows. They live by hunting wild animals and gathering plants. They have a natural violent and lustful disposition and are dangerous as both lovers or foes."

Following the mythos theme of the Fields region, centaurs are inspired by the ancient Greek mythology, in this case the Aeolian tribe Lapiths at the wedding feast of Pirithous, the Centauromachy.

When tamed a centaur girl will produce five Wood, while at the same time consuming two Food.

There are 32 different picture variants of the encounters and off-spring.

Possible, and mythos and generally horse related names to centaur girls include: "Arion", "Árvakr", "Alsviðr", "Balius", "Xanthos", "Dora", "Dyaus Pita", "Embarr", "Epona", "Glær", "Macha", "Gringolet", "Gulltoppr", "Hengroen", "Hippocampus", "Hofvarpnir", "Hrimfaxi", "Kelpie", "Llamrei", "Nuckelavee", "Pegasus", "Rhaebu", "Beiaar", "Silili", "Skinfaxi", "Sleipnir", "Svadilfari", "Tulpa", "Edryn", "Chetak", "Bucephalus", "Kasztanka", "Marengo", "Palomo", "Cincinnati", "Comanche", "Byerley", "Pinto", "Incitatus"