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Dragon-girls are creatures native to the Plains region in the World of Gaia. A new creation born from Tiamat the first of her kin.

Unlike the usual mythos theme of the Plains region, the dragon-girls are inspired from a broader range of mythos as well as Corruption of Champions.

When tamed, a dragon-girl will produce five Iron, while at the same time consuming two Food.

There are 32 different picture variants of the off-spring.

Possible and mythos related names to dragon-girls include:

"Apalala", "Apep", "Azhi Dahaka", "Bolla", "Con rit", "Fafnir", "Hydra", "Gorynych", "Illuyankas", "Ladon", "Lotan", "Níðhöggr", "Orochi", "Python", "Tarasque", "Apsu", "Typhon", "Qinglong", "Wawelski", "Xiuhcoatl", "Yaw", "Ddraig Goch", "Zilant", "Zirnitra", "Zu", "Grendel".