<onlyinclude><infobox> <title source="name"> <default>Emelie</default> </title> <image source="image"> </image> <group> <label>Aliases</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Relatives</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Affiliation</label><default>Unknown</default>

       <header>Biographical information</header>
       <label>Marital status</label><default>Unknown</default>
       <header>Physical description</header>
       <label>Weight</label><default>Unknown</default></dataEmelie is a quest character and possible Broodmother of pig-girls found in the Jungle region. A tribute to and based on the work of Cyancapsule.  She, like Lepo, does not have any link to ancient mythology in any way.  

"As you are examining the soil the air becomes filled with moaning and heavy panting. Following the sounds you happen find a pig-girl engaged with some standing self-pleasure. Though her occupation seemed quite serious she doesn't fail to notice you speedily."

Fond of gardening, Emelie likes pleasure and doesn't mind lewd things at all.


For other games including her art, see the picture mod for Corruption of Champions.

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