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Fairies are creatures native to the Mountains region in the World of Gaia. A small creature that prefers to hide in the ancient forests of the north. Strong in magic but fearful of all larger creatures.

"These Fairies they call the Good People...are said to be of middle nature between Man and Angel. Intelligent spirits with light changeable bodies somewhat of the nature of a condensed cloud, and best seen in twilight. These bodies be so pliable through the subtlety of the fairies that to agitate them, they can make themselves appear or disappear at pleasure."

Following the mythos theme of the Mountains region, the Fairies are inspired by Nordic and Gaelic myth where the fair folk are often mentioned in numerous stories.

When tamed a fairy will produce five Wood, while at the same time consuming two Food.

There are 48 different picture variants of off-spring.

Possible names, with different relation to faires, include:

"Afreda", "Alva", "Alvie", "Alvara", "Alvarie", "Alvina", "Aethelwine", "Aethelwyne", "Aelfwine", "Arethusa", "Blossom", "Breena", "Brucie", "Diana", "Donella", "Eglantine", "Ella", "Ellette", "Elva", "Elvia", "Elvyne", "Eolande", "Erline", "Faerydae", "Faylinn", "Faye", "Fayette", "Liliana", "Lilli", "Lilly", "Lorelle", "Lorilla", "Louella", "Luel", "Marigold", "Maurelle", "Naida", "Nerida", "Nissa", "Nyx", "Odelina", "Odette", "Oda", "Ordella", "Orlaith", "Radella", "Raisa", "Rhiannon", "Rhoslyn", "Rhyannon", "Rosalie", "Sebille", "Shaylee", "Shea", "Tania", "Tatiana", "Tenanye", "Tianna", "Zanna".