Felines are creatures native to the Deserts region in the World of Gaia. A predatory creature that swiftly shifts between relaxation and nimble hunts. Though very humanoid in appearance the girl still carries much of an animistic predator in her

"The Felines didn't make proper use of their lands if you asked me. Lazing and rising at their fancy, hunting when there was food, but not doing anything if there was not - except starving."

Following the mythos theme of the Deserts region, felines are based on the Egyptian worship of cat-human divinities and cats in general.

A tamed cat-girl will produce five Food every week, while consuming 2.

There are 24 different picture variants of off-spring.

Possible names, taken from mythical cat and lion divinities, include:

"Bakeneko", "Barong", "Cha kla", "Palug", "Gajasimha", "Lamassu", "Lampago", "Lyncus", "Maahes", "Matagot", "Mehit", "Narasimha", "Nekomata", "Nemean", "Pard", "Sekhmet", "Sharabha", "Shisa", "Tefnut".

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