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Freia is a Human Matriarch of the Mountains Region.

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Met as a random encounter while exploring the mountain region, she can become a household lover for the camp and give birth to 24 different daughters, mixed with random characteristics, of blonde Caucasian appearance.

"Without warning pure fury lights up her pale face and she raises her weapon before charging head-on towards you. The girl is trying to kill you! You're facing a fury driven shield-maiden. Her frame is small but she somehow still swings a mighty war hammer against you."

Her character is inspired by a mixture of her namesake Freia and Iðunn from Norse mythology. Her story contains elements from the Snorri's Edda and the Poetic Edda. Her pictures are mainly from porn star Elsa Jean.

Quest and Notes

Freia has to be defeated 3 times in armed combat before her story can progress. This lead to a quest inspired by the saga of Iðunn and her Golden Apples.


Names for possible children, taken from the viking era, include:

"Astrid", "Brynhild", "Freydis", "Gudrun", "Gunnhild", "Gunnvor", "Hilde", "Ingrid", "Ragnhild", "Ranveig", "Sigrid", "Sigrunn", "Siv", "Solveig", "Svanhild", "Torhild", "Torunn", "Turid", "Vigdis", "Yngvild", "Ase", "Aslaug", "Aslog", "Asta", "Audhild", "Eldfrid", "Fridhild", "Gyda", "Helga", "Hallfrid", "Hilda", "Idunn", "Inga", "Inghild", "Jarlaug", "Kjerlaug", "Lidveig", "Livunn", "Magnhild", "Mildrun ", "Moyfrid", "Norfrid", "Norlaug", "Oda", "Oddrun", "Odlaug", "Oslaug", "Oyfrid", "Ragnfrid", "Ragna", "Reidhild", "Runa", "Reinhild", "Signhild", "Signy", "Sigveig", "Solhild", "Solunn", "Sollaug", "Svanfrid", "Thora", "Thorhild", "Thurid", "Thorvalda", "Tjodunn", "Tjodhild", "Trude", "Tryghild", "Ulvhild", "Unn", "Unnfrid", "Unnhild", "Urda", "Valfrid", "Velaug", "Vigdis", "Vilgerd", "Vilgunn", "Vighild".