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Giants are creatures native to the Mountains region in the World of Gaia. A very human looking creature, with, however, a vast difference in size and somewhat in intelligence. The most powerful warriors in the world, they are however peaceful.

"Bound to nature, they are often associated with womanhood, chaos, change, and death. But being that tall, many have assumed they might have a closer relationship with Gaia, that ensured their more peaceful nature apart from their terrifying prowess."

Following the mythos theme of the Mountains region, the Giants are inspired by Nordic myth, where they are mentioned by Jötunn in the stanza of Völuspá hin skammain the poem Hyndluljóð.

When tamed a giantess will produce five Stone as well as five Wood.

There are 32 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from female Æsir and Vaner, include:

"Hymir", "Skadi", "Járnsaxa", "Kári", "Gorm", "Ægir", "Awarnach", "Balor", "Bestla", "Cacus", "Caw", "Corb", "Custennin", "Bestla", "Fomors", "Garm", "Geirrod", "Gerd", "Alvaldi", "Hyndla", "Gilling", "Kapre", "Rindr", "Olwyn", "Fornjót", "Reis", "Rion", "Skadi", "Skathi", "Tarvos", "Tethra", "Thiazi", "Billingr", "Bölborn", "Ysbaddaden", "Geirröd", "Nephilim", "Nimrod", "Og", "Rindr", "Cawr", "Cormoran", "Gogmagog", "Kaour", "Suttungr", "Banba", "Bres", "Buarainech", "Cethlenn", "Elatha", "Ériu", "Ethniu", "Fódla", "Tethra", "Angrboða", "Baugi", "Bergelmir", "Gjálp", "Greip", "Gymir", "Hroðr", "Hrungnir".