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Goblins or Dwarfs are creatures native to the Mountains region in the World of Gaia. Direct, hard working, and stubborn like no other race. While Dwarfs and Goblins are thought to be different species they are in fact the same, the term dwarf given to the males of the the race, while goblin is given to the female.

"It is time to count the dwarfs of Hibernation to count the people of the Laws. They set out from the rocky halls Jöruvalla. From Out-of-Falseness to the Fields of Earth."

Following the mythos theme of the Mountains region, the Goblins are inspired by Nordic myth, where dwarfs take a prominent role in many myths written in the two Eddas. .

When tamed a goblin will produce five Iron, while at the same time consuming two Food.

There are 48 different picture variants of off-spring.

Possible names, taken dwarf names in the Eddas, include:

"Nyi", "Nithi", "Northri", "Suthri", "Austri", "Vestri", "Althjof", "Dvalin", "Nar", "Nain", "Niping", "Dain", "Bifur", "Bofur", "Bombur", "Nori", "An", "Onar", "Ai", "Mjothvitnir", "Vigg", "Gandalf", "Vindalf", "Thrain", "Thekk", "Thorin", "Motsognir", "Durin", "Thror", "Vit", "Lit", "Nyr", "Nyrath", "Regin", "Rathsvith", "Fili", "Kili", "Fundin", "Nali", "Heptifili", "Hannar", "Sviur", "Frar", "Hornbori", "Fræg", "Loni", "Aurvang", "Jari", "Eikinskjaldi", "Dvalin", "Draupnir", "Dolgthrasir", "Hor", "Haugspori", "Hlevang", "Gloin", "Dori", "Ori", "Duf", "Andvari", "Skirfir", "Virfir", "Skafith", "Ai", "Alf ", "Yngvi", "Eikinskjaldi", "Fjalar", "Frosti", "Fith", "Ginnar", "Lofar", "Othin", "Hönir", "Lothur".