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Harpies are creatures native to the Plains region in the World of Gaia. Neither peaceful or hostile, the race mainly keeps to themselves, but have gotten in many trouble with other races for their tendencies to steal whatever food that takes their fancy during a flight.

"But Gaia had sent a terrible brood. For before each bite, They would quickly take flight and snatch it before it was chewed! To his Court came spirits of the wind, Sharp and sudden gusts - no man's friend. Harpies, as they are known, make men reap what they've sown, and little can be done to defend. With broad wings, human neck and face, they flew swiftly and cawed Leaving Phineus awed - Unable to give meaningful chase."

Following the mythos theme of the Plains region, the Harpy are inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian mythology as well as the clear Greek mythology from the legend of King Phineus. In the Mesopotamian mythology they are associated with death and the nether realm, which is why they appear in the game's quest of Inanna.

When tamed a harpy will produce only four Food, while at the same time consuming two.

There are 48 different picture variants of the off-spring.

Possible names, taken from spirits of death, for harpy include:

"Ereshkigal", "Eresh", "Neti", "Anunnaki", "Anunaki", "Anunna", "Anunnaku", "Ananaki", "Arawn", "Cichol", "Donn", "Mannanan", "Supay", "Vichama", "Aqen", "Imset", "Kherty", "Tuoni", "Angelos", "Lampades", "Orphne", "Keres", "Menoetes", "Mormo", "Proserpina", "Mania", "Mors", "Viduus", "Tacita", "Nenia", "Soranus", "Manes", "Lemures", "Libitina", "Aita", "Culga", "Februus", "Mani", "Vanth", "Iku", "Anguta", "Chepi", "Pana", "Muut", "Yama", "Yamaduta", "Mara", "Varuna", "Erlik", "Ankou", "Morana", "Veles", "Nga", "Whiro", "Degei", "Angra", "Mainyu", "Astiwihad", "Asto", "Vidatu", "Aminon", "Namtar", "Ninsusinak".