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<onlyinclude><infobox> <title source="name"> <default>Inanna</default> </title> <image source="image"> </image> <group> <label>Aliases</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Relatives</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Affiliation</label><default>Unknown</default>

       <header>Biographical information</header>
       <label>Marital status</label><default>Unknown</default>
       <header>Physical description</header>
       <label>Weight</label><default>Unknown</default></dataInanna is a Human Matriarch of the Plains Region.

Met as a random encounter while exploring the Plains region, she can become a household lover for the camp and give birth to 12 different daughters, mixed with random characteristics, of brunette Persian-Latina appearance.

"A woman sits there. In the center of this forsaken castle in the deep forsaken interior of this forsaken Earth. Naked to the bone, all alone apart from yourself and the cruel eyes of the statues in the throne room."

Her character is inspired from her namesake Inanna of the Babylonian mythology. Her story contains elements from the Descent to the Underworld and The Epic of Gilgamesh. Her pictures are from the porn star Mia Khalifa.


One of the earlier characters made for the game, her quest line was intended to include a harpy fight, since Mesopotamain mythology included winged creatures in relation to death and the underworld. The game, however, did not include Monster Girls at the time Inanna's quest was being written, and the fight was never included.


Names for possible children, taken from ancient Mesopotamia, include:

"Alala", "Allat", "Allatu", "Amuhia", "Anat", "Anatu", "Anunit", "Aralu", "Astarte", "Atheh", "Belit", "Bilit", "Dadu", "Gula", "Ishtar", "Lilit", "Myrlitta", "Nairi", "Ninkigal", "Ninkummu", "Nuri", "Pihirim", "Pirisati", "Rabbituri", "Ri", "Rubati", "Summuramat", "Sarrat", "Semiramis", "Seruya", "Shala", "Tabuya", "Tabnakhti", "Tasmit", "Tasmituv", "Tihamtu", "Ukubutu", "Urmitu", "Ziratbanit", "Ashusikildigir", "Enanatuma", "Enheduanna", "Ninbanda", "Puabi", "Shagshag", "Shubad".