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Insect-girls are creatures native to the Deserts region in the World of Gaia. A broader term to cover the many other creatures resembling smaller insects, the creatures often share antennae as a characteristic.

"Sometimes small, sometimes big, but always a terrifying sight. Who in their right mind wander into such a creature's lair?"

Only loosely following the mythos theme of the Deserts region, the insect-girls are simple based on the ancient Egyptian worship of several insects.

When tamed a insect-girl will produce five Cloth, and eat two Food.

There are 24 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from genus, include:

"Collembola", "Coleoptera", "Dermaptera", "Diptera", "Ephemeroptera", "Hemiptera", "Homoptera", "Hymenoptera", "Isoptera", "Lepidoptera", "Mantodea", "Mecoptera", "Neuroptera", "Odonata", "Orthoptera", "Phasmida", "Phthiraptera", "Siphonaptera", "Thysanura", "Trichoptera".