Adam and Gaia Wiki

There once was a time - where everything was different.

A time, where all the races and creatures of the world lived and mixed, in tranquil peace, under the great tree of Gaia. Its roots stretched out and created forest, field, and plain, where its children settled. All with their own place and ways.

The most versatile of all the races, did not wait for nature to bestow its bounties on them, but claimed them by effort and with great art in manner of agriculture and building. Man, being in control of such secure access to provisions, achieved a vast increase in numbers, from every generation to the next. 

Where the other races willingly lived and died, by the lack or plenty of the season, the sons of man never accepted the whims of Gaia and her nature. Should their numbers grow more than their supplies could handle - they would expand. Tilling and sowing ever more fields to feed the ever growing number of mankind.

Until there were no more fields to occupy.

Seeing how sparesly the elven children used their land and glades, the sons of Man demanded room within, where they could settle their numbers, and create more fertile fields and safe villages. But, to the hatred of man, the elves refused.

No one knows who was first to forge the deadly blade, but only that of rugged steel his savage soul was made. When the first blood was spilled the goddess of Gaia, thought by both sides to support them, simply vanished. Without her guidance - war followed. And strangely, no sides had any lack in weaponry and warriors.

The war ravaged all sides, all races, and though man lost most battles, they always returned and fought again. With such great numbers, and a fierce hatred fueling their determination, mankind slowly, but surely, was winning the war.

Many great heroes fought in the war. Many illustrous deeds littered the fields of battle. And many a great relic and artifact was used for its power or consumed by the flames. Anyone and everyone who was able to partake in the war was consumed by it. For all knew it was the war of utter dominans - of who was going to rule the world in the future ages.

The war grew more and more desperate for the Elves and their allies. Mankind could finally smell final victory after the endless war that had ravaged all corners of the world.

Men gathered from the plains, fields, mountains and deserts to partake in the Final Battle, as it was already called. But when the trumpets sang and the legions of mankind moved out to face their elven enemy, there stood only a single elf in front of them. 

From all sides and behind the vast human army could suddenly be seen the enegi of supporting mages, all channeling their power to the single elf.

The sons of Man let sound the charge of battle, and then there was peace.

All the unending defeats of man, only moved them closer to total victory. For the ocean of the human race was vast and deep, and should any army be lost a new was speedily rebuild; stronger, larger, and filled with more rage.

Many other races fought in the war. Most fought for themselves on their own land, but many, out of friendship and loyalty to the elves, lend them what aid they could give.

All the great heroes of their time took part in the bloodshed. But where one warlord or champion fell among the humans, another would quickly rise in his place. The same was not true of the elves. Slower to repopulate and more rigid and static in their ways, a lost master of theirs was a travesty, and continued to herald their approaching doom.

As the desperation of the elven kings grew, the greatest and most terrible sorcerer of the age appeared in the forest court of the High King.

The sorcerer told the High King about a way to save his people, a way to save all the sapient creatures of the world, from the raging fire of man. Though Gaia had not appeared in centuries her manifistation of power could be found in secret caves, if only one knew where to look.

From his cloak he pulled a crystal. Partly wrapped in silver and forged as a jewel for the neck, it shone in wonders full of innocence - innocence and power. The man of sorcery told the High King, that with this and crystals like it, they could vanquish the humans from their bodies and trap their essence in the crystals themselves. As such, no life-force would be lost and Gaia would surely praise the elves for ending such death with such mercy to life.

The great sorcerer was true to his intend. He called upon all magically inclined creatures, which served the elves, and prepared for what he believed would save the world.

But not all agreed to the path he presented the world. His noble wife and fellow student of magic urged him to reconsider. She spoke of another way, a way of surrender and hiding, where the elves should use the power of the crystals to build sanctuaries. Hidden from men, and safe from the changes of the world.

Her husband would not hear of such a defeat. And though he had spoken much about 'saving life' it became clear to the wife, that it was only the elven life, lived in nobility and dignity, that he cared for.

So in great secrecy, without the knowledge of the king or her husband, she asked all elves she trusted to renounce their dignity and pursue safety in a new sanctuary. Though all males refused and denounced their friendship to her instead, many score of the female elves agreed. And so they build a safe haven and hoped to convince their people to join them in time.

But the curse was monstrous and grotesque.