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Mermaids are creatures native to the Plains region in the World of Gaia. A humanoid race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of the ocean species. Secreting a slippery slime to keep herself from drying out, their race can thus even function upon land as long as their gills remain adequately moist. These gills are located along the waist and are compatible with both fresh and salt water. In addition to gills, they have a humanoid respiratory system that allows vocalization and breathing through the mouth on land. With webbing between their fingers to aid in swimming and their pelvic fins are the main modes of steering in the water, Mermaids are said to be able to reach great speeds while swimming.Very shy but friendly creatures, the days after the Curse have made them somewhat aggressive in their search for company.

"And so he made love with the shy girl, but as the heat grew more intense he couldn't keep up, and died in the the divine love-making. The girl threw herself into the water out of shame of having killed her lover, and was never seen again. Some say Gaia refused to let her beauty parish and turned her into a fish!"

Following the mythos theme of the Plains region, the mermaids are inspired by Assyrian myth, where Atargatis transforms herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover.

Mermaids take 9 weeks to give birth.

When tamed a mermaid will produce five Stone, while at the same time consuming two Food.

There are 32 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from famous mermaids and water goddesses, include:

"Ariel", "Adella", "Alana", "Andrina", "Aquata", "Arista", "Atargatis", "Attina", "Nerida", "Sereia", "Sirena", "Thessalonik", "Amatheia", "Anahita", "Anaitis", "Araxie", "Asherah", "Asrai", "Ava", "Brizo", "Calypso", "Ceto", "Cleodora", "Daryah", "Iaira", "Ianassa", "Ianthe", "Maira", "Mazu", "Melite", "Meltem", "Moana", "Nereida", "Naia", "Nerida", "Nerissa", "Nix", "Sedna", "Salacia", "Senara", "Sinann", "Susanoo", "Thaleia", "Thetis", "Thoe", "Triteia".