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Mouse-girls, or mouse-morphs are creatures native to the Field region in the World of Gaia. Yet peaceful and contemplating, their race did serve in the great war on Elven side, due to their sense of loyalty, resulting in their near total annihilation.

"I am the poet of little things… Of each gnat in the air, and of beetles rolling balls of dung, Afar in the sky was a nest And my soul flew thither, and squat, and looked out, And saw the journeywork of suns and systems of suns, And that a leaf of grass is not less than they And that the pismire is equally perfect, and all grains of sand, and every egg of the wren … And the cow crunching with depressed neck surpasses every statue, And pictures great and small crowd the rail-fence, and hang on its heaped stones and elder and poke-weed. I am the poet of Equality."

Following the mythos theme of the Fields region, the mouse-girls are inspired by the ancient Greek mythology, in this case the mouse affinity with Apollo the plague god and the Siege of Troy.

A tamed mouse will produce five Preserved Food, as the only race, while at the same time consuming two Food.

There are 32 different picture variants of the off-spring.

Possible and mythos related names to mouse-girls include: "Daikoku", "Daikoko", "Nezumi", "Mushika", "Muushika", "Rajasthan", "Crinis", "Hatto", "Hamelin", "Colo", "Colo", "Colocolo", "Dola", "Dohluh", "Sumatra", "Matsya", "Purana", "Gajanana", "Muridae", "Murinae", "Mus", "Coelomys", "Nannomys", "Pyromys", "Krauncha", "Tesso", "Raigo", "Nezumi", "Hopi", "Haida".