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Nagas are creatures native to the Jungles region in the World of Gaia. A hostile creature that resembles a beautiful and slender woman from the waist up, but with her lower body covered with shiny scales. Instead of bifurcating into legs, her hips elongate into a snake’s body which stretches far out behind her, leaving a long and curving trail in the end.

"Our armies faced such difficulties with the venomous naga people, that for many years they were proclaimed even greater enemies of Man than the cursed Elves."

Following a broader Asia mythos theme than the Japanese seen other Jungle races, Nagas are based on a Hindu myth, where Kadru, the ancestral mother of snakes, made a bet with her sister Vinata.

A tamed snake-girl will produce five poison every week, while consuming 2 food.

There are 24 different picture variants of off-spring.

Possible names, taken from mythical snakes and serpents (often overlapping with dragons), include:

"Agunua", "Akurra", "Alicante", "Amphiptere", "Amphisbaena", "Apep", "Awanyu", "Ayida", "Bashe", "Bašmu", "Biscione", "Boiúna", "Brosno", "Caicai-Vilu", "Damballa", "Degei", "Dipsa", "Eglė", "Falak", "Lamia", "Caicai Vilu", "Lotan", "Litānu", "Carcolh", "Galeru", "Grootslang", "Naagin", "Ilomba", "Inkanyamba", "Deaguas", "Mbói Tuĩ", "Mehen", "Moñái", "Nāgia", "Nehushtan", "Oshunmare", "Ouroboros", "Peuchen", "Quetzalcoatl", "Ramidreju", "Scitalis", "Seps", "Shahmaran", "Sisiutl", "Takeminakata", "Tannin", "Trentren-Vilu", "Tsuchinoko", "Ungud", "Unhcegila", "Vision", "Winalagalis", "Wollunqua", "Xiangliu", "Xiuhcoatl", "Yacumama", "Orochi", "Yatono", "Yurlungur", "Yuxa", "Žaltys".