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<onlyinclude><infobox> <title source="name"> <default>Nut</default> </title> <image source="image"> </image> <group> <label>Aliases</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Relatives</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Affiliation</label><default>Unknown</default>

       <header>Biographical information</header>
       <label>Marital status</label><default>Unknown</default>
       <header>Physical description</header>
       <label>Weight</label><default>Unknown</default></dataNut is a Human Matriarch of the Deserts Region.

Met as a random encounter while exploring the desert region, she can become a household lover for the camp and give birth to 24 different daughters of brunette appearance.

"Turning around you find mature, yet perfectly young looking, woman. She's eyeing you out intensely, seemingly evaluating your nature in every aspect, her own eyes filled with a deep, and clearly dangerous, depth of knowledge."

Her character is inspired from her namesake Nut from ancient Egyptian mythology. Her pictures are from the porn star Lela Star.


She is the only character in the game that has scenes with another character (Nephthys).


Names for her children in game, taken from ancient Egyptian queens include:

"Ast", "Atet", "Baketamon", "Bakt", "Baktwerel", "Beketaten", "Berenib", "Betresh", "Bunefer", "Dedyet", "Henite", "Henutsen", "Herit", "Isis", "Itet", "Kasmut", "Kawit", "Khemsait", "Khuit", "Kiya", "Muyet", "Nebet", "Nefertiti", "Neferu", "Nefret", "Neith", "Neithotep", "Nitemat", "Rai", "Sadeh", "Sadek", "Sennuwy", "Sitre", "Tetisheri", "Tem", "Tia", "Tiy", "Tuia", and "Twosre".