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Nymphs are creatures native to the Deserts region in the World of Gaia. Considered Gaia's closest kin, they are a interbreed between man and nature.

"But the very second you step one foot inside the green area the snap of vines makes it clear you are under attack. Your face a nymph! The girl is a union of nature and human in herself, being of humanoid appearance but very much a plant in needs and actions. Known protectors of the last green areas in the deserts, wherever they go, life follows."

Only following the mythos theme of the Deserts region in small doses, the Nymphs are based on African forest spirits. Heavy inspiration does naturally come from the Ancient Greek descriptions, including the name.

When tamed a nymph will produce five Wood.

There are 24 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from the first and most important crops humanity learned to cultivate, extensively include:

"Triticum", "Dicoccoides", "Boeoticum", "Spontaneum", "Hordeum", "Culinaris", "Lentil", "Pea", "Pisum", "Chickpea", "Vicia", "Ervilia", "Linum", "Usitatissimum", "Secale", "Cereale", "Monococcum", "Hordeum", "Vulgare", "Solanum", "Tuberosum", "Legume", "Avena", "Sativa", "Abyssinica", "Radiata", "Setaria", "Glycine", "Vigna", "Angularis", "Acuminata", "Aestivum", "Aethiopicum", "Araraticum", "Carthlicum", "Compactum", "Dicoccon", "Tdurum", "Ispahanicum", "Karamyschevii", "Macha", "Militinae", "Polonicum", "Spelta", "Sphaerococcum", "Timopheevii", "Turanicum", "Turgidum", "Urartu", "Vavilovii", "Zhukovskyi".