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Pig-girls are creatures native to the Jungle region in the World of Gaia. A friendly creature that was originally found in the southern jungles but later spread out to much of the world prior to the great curse. Very passionate creatures, they often form attachments based on more physical bonds.

"They never seem to have starved for food, but when one need is constantly satisfied the remaining always magnify beyond control - and that is why I'll never take another pig-girl lover!"

Following the Asia theme of myths, pig-girls are very loosely based on Hindu divinity with sow face, Vajravārāhī, and the female demons in South-East Asia, known as Churel, that sometimes are depicted with pig facial features.

A tamed pig-girl will produce five Food every week.

There are 24 different picture variants of off-spring.

Possible names, taken from myths and genus, include:

"Suidae", "Suinae", "Linnaeus", "Sugu", "Su", "Sau", "Zeug", "Syr", "Sukarah", "Hu", "Hys", "Suinus", "Svinija", "Sivens ", "Socc", "Albina", "Babi", "Gullinbursti", "Henwen", "Hildisvíni", "Kamapua'a", "Mukasura", "Sæhrímnir", "Trwyth", "Ysgithyrwyn", "Bajie", "Churel", "Vajravārāhī", "Circe", " Eleusinia", "Suovetaurilia", "Marici", "Moccus", "Creole", "Vishnu", "Cerridwen".