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Slime-girls or goo-girls are creatures native to the Jungles region in the World of Gaia. A type of Yokai, these creatures are shape-shifters able to change their slimy body in many ways.

"In a very moist part of the jungles your foot is suddenly stuck in a minor puddle. The moment you yank it free a hand appears, quickly followed by a whole goo-girl. Her body is slender and globs of slime regularly drip from her limbs, splattering into the goo puddle pooling beneath her hips."

Sort of following the mythos theme of the Jungles region, the Slime-girls are loosely linked to a class of supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore called Okabe - the only link being the ability to shape-shift. Their main reason for in-game inclusion is naturally the vast amount of art work and their role in other adult games, especially Corruption of Champions, where their sex-scene comes from.

When tamed a slime-girl will produce five poison, while eating two Food. Since Poison does not have any in-game effect per se, there is no tactical reason for breeding slime-girl at the moment.

There are 48 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from dear Corruption of Champions female NPC characters, include:

"Amily", "Arian", "Asa Mali", "Nancy", "Brooke", "Callu", "Cinnabar", "Dominika", "Edryn", "Ember", "Essrayle", "Faerie", "Fera", "Frosty", "Helia", "Tiamat", "Isabella", "Izma", "Kiha", "Kiri", "Lumi", "Lynette", "Marble", "Niamh", "Nieve", "Priscilla", "Rebecc", "Scylla", "Sheila", "Shouldra", "Sophie", "Tamani", "Vala", "Valeria", "Venus", "Victoria", "Whitney", "Yara".