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Swords are weapons which can be found during exploration and, when equipped, alters the Player Characters damage stat during combat.

The game currently contains five different swords. Ranked by damage these are:



  • Description: "A swift sword with a sickle protrusion along one edge near the tip. Said to be good against the most troublesome hair."
  • Damage: 5

The sword the player starts with. Based on the legendary sword of Perseus, used to cut Medusa's head off. According to other sources the sword is notably identified as the weapon used by Cronus to castrate and depose his father, Uranus. Why the player starts with a sword that should belong to the son of Cronus is lore.

The player starts with Harpe already equipped.

Holger danske.jpg


  • Description: "A sword with a blunted, squared end. Said to symbolize mercy, the whispers of Gaia tell you that the tip was broken off by an angel to prevent a wrongful killing."
  • Damage: 10

Also called Curtana. Based on the legendary sword of Olgier the Dane (Danish: Holger Danske). By some accounts also identifiable as the Sword of Mercy, the ceremonial sword used at the coronation of British kings and queens.

Curtana is found as a random encounter in the Mountains Region.

Sigurd prüft das schwert Gram by Johannes Gehrts.jpg


  • Description: "An ancient sword said to be thrust into the World Tree, a gift to a worthy warrior. Broken in one of the countless battles during the war, it was reforged and given to a sword maiden for keeping until a new worthy master appeared."
  • Damage: 20

Based on its namesake Gram (Old Norse Gramr, meaning Wrath) from Norse mythology. It is the sword that Sigurd uses to kill the dragon Fafnir. It is primarily used by the Volsungs in the Volsunga Saga. However, it is also seen in other legends, such as the Thidrekssaga wielded by Hildebrand.

Gram is found as a random encounter in the Mountains Region.

800px-Arthur-Pyle Excalibur the Sword.JPG


  • Description: "This sword is preternaturally sharp and makes you feel more kingly simply by holding it. Legend says it was forged on the fabled Isle of Avalon and possesses magical properties."
  • Damage: 30

Based on legendary sword of King Arthur, also known as the Sword in the Stone. Proof of Arthur's lineage, Caliburn was associated with the Arthurian legend very early sources. Note that this sword is seperate from Excalibur.

Caliburn is found as a random encounter in the Fields Region.

"Sword of Gaia"

  • Description: "The fabled sword of Gaia herself."
  • Max Damage: 40

Intended as the most powerful sword in the game, based on the player's fertility level.

Sword of Gaia is found as a random encounter in the Deep Forest/Eleven Sancutary