Adam and Gaia Wiki

General Tips:

I would recommend to start your adventure in fields anyways. Cows and bunnies will give you plenty of food and even more important bees and mice will provide preserved food to carry you through winter. Also you exploring the fields you may found some of the best gear avaible and that will make your later journey easier.

Still all up to you.

The only real danger ingame is winter when all food will reset and your children may starve.


1) Getting to the elves

- first talk to sphinx in ruins, she will tell you to renovate her tower. That will take 5k wood, 3k stones and 50 children (human & furry)

- when this is done return to sphinx and ask about elves and the curse

- Now "Deep Forests" is open in world

- Go there, use password MELLON to enter

- Return to sphinx to answer riddles (be aware, riddles are a bit case sensitive):

* Human

* Time

* School

- Explore the sanctuary.

- The important one for story is Luthien, you need to find 3 crystals to end the curse.

- Go on exploring the sanctuary (don't forget to equip new gear you found, the gaia set to be found here is the best you will get in game). This may take some time cause to proceed with Luthien you will have to meet and proceed with another elf first. So... just explore on. Also the flower needed for the queen will be there, just chances, hit the explore button.

- after some time Luthien will ask you to look for a crystal. "But what region hold such pillars...". Go to explore fields to proceed.

- The Oceans are open now in world.