<onlyinclude><infobox> <title source="name"> <default>Tiamat</default> </title> <image source="image"> </image> <group> <label>Aliases</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Relatives</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>Affiliation</label><default>Unknown</default>

       <header>Biographical information</header>
       <label>Marital status</label><default>Unknown</default>
       <header>Physical description</header>
       <label>Weight</label><default>Unknown</default></dataTiamat is a quest character and possible Broodmother of dragon-girls found in the Plains Region. A tribute to the famous Corruption of Champions game she explains much of the lore of Mareth in her story.

"A lizard... or a dragon? The girl stands perplexed before you, seemingly unsure as well about certain aspects of yourself. The surprise of the noise instinctively placed your hand on your weapon but the dragon - or lizard -girl seems to have no intention of launching any attack."

Her name derives from the ancient Mesopotamian religion (Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian), where Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the ocean, generally described as a dragon or sea serpent.The Enûma Elish states that Tiamat gave birth to dragons and serpents among a more general list of monsters, which is her link to ancient mythology in the World of Gaia, where the Player Character can take on the role of her mate in the breeding of the new dragon race.


Tiamat must be assumed to be a daughter of an uncorrupted Champion of Mareth.

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